The Leading Innovation program will take place over two days – Smart Manufacturing Meetup on August 25 and Smart Leadership on August 26 as part of the Chasing Unicorns festival day.

The following programs are dedicated to executive ticket holders to focus on digital transformation, innovative leadership, and smart solutions. 

Ϟ Smart Manufacturing Meetup on August 25

Smart Manufacturing Meetup is a place where executives can find new ideas and have heart-to-heart conversations about the state of manufacturing. It is THE place where you meet your colleagues, old and new friends and find new contacts. We promise to dig deep and have an honest discussion about underlying root problems that most of us are facing when trying to balance the needs of today and tomorrow. To achieve that, we have found leaders with incredible track records and they want to share their thoughts with you!
Smart Manufacturing Meetup is the best conference to meet people who have vision, drive and experience to make the manufacturing sector better. 
– Mihkel Tedremaa, Superhands

Smart Factory

How to balance the needs of today and prepare for the future? Digitalization, automation, and Industry 4.0 are the buzzwords that govern the mainstream media in manufacturing. We will have an honest discussion about these concepts and find out what the fundamental principles of innovation in manufacturing are. We will hear from international manufacturing powerhouses who share their stories about their everyday struggles, good examples, and most importantly their practical experience of what actually works.

Taking the stage are Ants Vill (Skeleton Technologies), Damodar Hegde (Coca-Cola), Kari Terho (Elisa Smart Factory), and others TBA.

Smart Organization 

Peter Drucker had a saying, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast“. We will talk about what it means to build a profitable, competitive, flexible, sustainable, and respected organization. Yes, it means that we are going to talk about being a leader, developing new leaders, and learning from well-respected and awarded leaders from the EU.

Sharing their expertise will be Emöke Sogenbits (Hanza Group), Mihkel Tammo (Rohetiiger) & more speakers TBA.

Ϟ Smart Leadership on August 26

Smart Leadership is part of the Chasing Unicorns program. This track will bring to you the knowledge you need to become a better & more efficient leader. Among other topics, we will be discussing crisis management, executive capital, remote work, and sustainability. 

Crisis Management 

A crisis doesn't yell coming, but as an executive, you have to be prepared nevertheless. We're bringing together a diverse panel of high-level leaders whose middle name could be "innovation". They are perfect examples of executives who adapt new strategies and are always open to innovative solutions to take their businesses up a notch. 

Sharing their expertise are Urmas Simson (Swedbank) and Margus Uudam (Karma VC). The panel will be moderated by startupper Kaarel Holm (MeetFrank). 

Measuring Leadership in Monetary Terms 

Do you know how much money your leadership skills alone bring in? Ilona Baumane-Vitolina (Amrop) interviews chief executives in her everyday work so she knows exactly what it takes to be the best leader for Baltic and international organizations. Ilona will be sharing her expertise on how to be the most effective leader and to make it even more enticing – she’ll turn your leadership skills into monetary figures.

Remote Work

The year 2020 has changed the way most people all over the world do work and proved that it is possible to work effectively remotely or from home. On the other hand, this has proved a whole new set of challenges – endless Zoom meetings, connection troubles, loud family members, etc. We’ll explore how to effectively lead a team remotely, perhaps even better than it can be done face-to-face.


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