Trying to find the right match for your investment portfolio has never been so easy. Estonia is the springboard of unicorns. Skype. Bolt. Wise. Playtech. Pipedrive. Veriff. Glia. What’s next? Come and see yourself! sTARTUp Day brings together in one room practical knowledge, investment possibilities, and the brightest minds in the region.

What’s in it for you?

Ϟ Find the next unicorn

We are providing you with access to 300+ startups. To find the one for you, you need to meet nine of those that are right for somebody else. Our matchmaking app and startup database eliminate a lot of the guesswork to help you find exactly who you're looking for! We'll provide you with a database of all the participating startups and a generated list of the startups that match your criteria – find the missing piece from your portfolio.
I was surprised about the size of this event and the vibes around it. It's an area that is going to see so many good startups coming out of this area over the next 5 to 10 years for sure!
– Hjalmar Winbladh, Managing Partner at EQT Ventures

Ϟ Investor Day

Investor Day is all about you – we’re inviting you to an exclusive meetup structured in a way that you’d feel both elevated by and busy with new ideas while still leaving enough room for networking. Find out more about Investor Day!

Ϟ Early access to the matchmaking app

sTARTUp Day brings together thousands of startup-minded people from all over the world. Our matchmaking app Brella allows you to request meetings either on-site or online with startups, other investors, speakers, and other VIPs. You’ll get access to the matchmaking app 2 weeks before the general public so you can agree on meetings before all the popular slots are full.

Ϟ Relax at the Investor Lounge

Kick back and relax between meetings in a comfortable VIP area where no eager startup founder can disturb you. Take a break or prepare for the next meeting – this area is for investors and investors only.
Investor Lounge is powered by Invest in Estonia. 

Ϟ Legendary side events

What’s a business festival without legendary side events? We will be taking over Tartu by hosting a variety of events all over the city – expect networking parties, empowering meetups, workshops, and a great time. 

Ϟ Network among the biggest investment funds

Sometimes, the best people to talk to and discuss with, are the people following the same path in life as you. All of the biggest investment funds in the region were at sTARTUp Day 2022 and this is the place to get a hold of the busy bees.

Ϟ Awe-worthy Demo Area

Discover the latest innovations in the startup sector in our Demo Area – the Mecca of entrepreneurship! Walking around the venue or browsing the virtual booths, you’ll find the hottest startups and perhaps your next investment. 

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