The leading early-stage business festival in the region

In January 2019, sTARTUp Day brings together over 100 world-class speakers and 4000 attendees to discuss business, innovation and new technologies, share startup success stories and lessons learned.

The two-day stage program is complemented with several pitching competitions, hands-on seminars with professionals and a large expo area where companies showcase their latest innovations. 

We have organized matchmaking to connect startups with investors, find future business partners and encourage startup-corporate collaboration. Additionally, numerous parties and networking events take place during the festival.


Founders’ psychology

Is founding a startup with your best friend a good idea? Discussions about mentorship and evolving as a founder.

Growth Marketing

Marketing doesn’t end with an ad. Achieving more reoccurring customers is a key to survival. How to achieve that?

Space Technology

Space is new frontier for startups –  from data analytics and water purification to SpaceX rockets.

Food Tech

The average person spends 3.5 years of their life eating. How to make our meals more enjoyable while not hurting the environment?

Fuck-up Stories

When is the right time to give up? Failing is part of the learning process and sometimes we need to hear that other people have failed, too.

Science to Business

Is an invention an innovation when it’s not on the market? How to overcome the struggles when getting your academic research to the market?

Smart City

New trends like big data and sustainable development will change cities as we know them. What will future cities look like?


Investors and founders share tips and war stories on how to get funded.

The financial sector has been almost the same for decades, now the new disrupters are bringing innovation to this old practice.
Corporate Innovation
Every company needs innovation to stay relevant, but the questions remains in house R&D or outsourcing?
Organizing Work
How to be more efficient as a company and manage your employees - especially when they are on the other side of the world?
With e-sports on the rise and more games being played every day, it’s important to be up to date on the latest developments to understand the cultural references.
Artificial Intelligence
AI has become the one and only solution for many companies, but does your company really need AI or is it just hype?
Founders' Stories
The true zero to hero stories that are here to inspire all current and future founders working on their big break.
Starting a biotech startup is more difficult as you need to build up a lab in addition to a company. What opportunities can it bring?
Creative Economy
The creative industry is often disregarded in the startup scene, but we are here to talk about their obstacles as well.
Startup Ecosystem
Every starting company needs support, but what kind of support and who should offer it is up for debate.
Reverse Pitching
Pitching in a reverse way: investors and accelerators presenting themselves to startups.


Christer Fuglesang
1st & only Swedish astronaut
Hermione Way
Brand Consultant, former Communications at Tinder
Kristel Kruustük
Testlio, Founder
Peter Vesterbacka
Lightneer, Slush, Rovio Mobile Ltd, Co-Founder
Kaarel Kotkas
Veriff, Founder & CEO
Oliver Leisalu
Taxify, Co-Founder
Patrick Mork
madmork stories, Chief Storyteller; ex-Google Play
Adrian Kaehler
Giant.AI, Founder and CEO



99 €

Includes access to two-day stage program, hands-on seminars with professionals, large demo area, organized matchmaking, networking party and public side events.


139 €

Includes all features from visitor ticket + 2 weeks earlier access to matchmaking, inclusion to a report given to investors,  list of participating investors and accelerators.


249 €

Includes all features from visitor and startup tickets + a report about participating startups, invitation to Investor Day and other exclusive events, access to VIP lounge.

For investors only.


249 €

Includes all features from visitor and startup tickets + a report about participating startups, invitation to Executive Day "Smart Manufacturing Meetup", access to VIP lounge.


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A buzzing event, full of energy, excellent pitches, great speakers and loads of passion. I loved being part of sTARTUp day!
David Beckett
Best3Minutes, Pitch Coach
Networking opportunities at sTARTUp Day exceeded all of our expectations and led to several new business partnerships. Such a vibrant entrepreneurial community was created in Tartu – a combination of business and pleasure.
Annet Muru
STACC, Marketing Manager
sTARTUp Day is an event with a casual and positive atmosphere, always at an interesting venue. Perfect for networking – big enough to attract people and small enough to find all the relevant ones.
Martin Vares, Founder & CEO