Startup, investor and ecosystem ticket holders will gain physical access to the Chasing Unicorns program on January 28 as well as full online access throughout the festival on January 27–29, 2021.


Ϟ Investor Day 

Investor Day is an exclusive investors' meetup to share experiences, learn from each other, and create meaningful contacts. Structured in a way you'd feel both elevated by and busy with new ideas while leaving enough room for networking. 

sTARTUp Pitching Powered by EstBAN

We're bringing to you the brightest startups in the region looking for investments in various pitching competitions! The grand finale of these is our annual sTARTUp Pitching Powered by EstBAN where the TOP 10 startups compete for a €200k investment, €10k equity-free cash and other prizes. Find more information here

Reverse Pitching

Why should startups be the ones who always pitch? Let's switch roles and have investors pitch themselves to 300+ startups, so they could do all the work and reach out to you as potential matches. 

I was surprised by the high quality of local and international startups presented at the event. Months later, I am still in touch with entrepreneurs and investors that I met in Tartu, which is of big value.
– Magda Lukaszewicz, Investment Associate, Balderton Capital

Ϟ Startup program

Startupper, this stage program is all about you and your company. Inspiring speakers from diverse fields will be sharing their honest experience and world-class knowledge you cannot hear from anywhere else. From founders' psychology and leadership skills to product development and marketing – we'll give you all the tools you need to scale like hell! Afterward (or during if you prefer), you'll be able to matchmake with international investors onsite and online. They'll be all around, just have to catch one roaming around. Or use our matchmaking app to make it easier. 

Saving the Company at the 12th Hour

A struggle most startuppers face is having to wear 7 caps and do 10 roles on a budget to ensure their company succeeds. Antti Niittyviita will be openly sharing his experience saving this business Prove at literally the 12th hour after he figured out they only have 2 weeks until bankruptcy. He's now on a mission to 10x the business and will help you do the same. 

Sales, Marketing & Growth Hacking

Nothing sells itself and no one will care about your product without any marketing. The borders between the fields are hazing and ever-evolving. Every day, there are new tools, theories, needs, necessities and fires to put out. For example, how does marketing work when a startup pivots? Experts who have figured it all out will be sharing how to do better marketing than Google, what the best practices of growth hacking are and how to actually scale sales. 

Taking the stage are: Marie Jaksman (Nevercode), Andrew Lee Miller (Early-Stage Startup Advisor) and Mait Ojamaa (Scoro).
The sTARTUp festival is amazing – I just can’t believe how well organized it is! I mean it’s like I’m in New York or London.
– Hermione Way, Brand Consultant & Former Head of European Communications at Tinder

Building the Best Product on the Market

Your product is the most important part of your business so it's important to get it just right. Or better than that. Experts who have worked in any field imaginable will walk you through everything from your first MVP to designing your value proposition to the most modern product design and UX practices. 

Learn from the best: Andrei Herasimchuk (, Twitter & Adobe), Jordan Valdma & Erko Risthein (Producement) and others. 

You don't always need to raise!

Investments aren't always a saving grace. In a panel, established startuppers will discuss when investments are necessary and when it might be better to save equity through bootstrapping and raising from FFF (friends, family & fools). 

Stepping up in the panel are: Jüri Kaljundi (Weekdone), Alari Aho (Toggle) & others. 

Founders' Psychology

As a founder, are your priorities in the right place? What are the characteristics of a great founder and how do you make the right decisions when you have no idea what the outcome is? 

TED speaker Aleksander Tõnnisson will give a keynote on practical ways to use self-discovery to grow your business and Jamshid Alamuti (Pi School) will talk about decision making. 

Ϟ Ecosystem

We recognize your main goal at the Chasing Unicorns program is networking with startups & providing them with unique value or support, so we've left most of your day open to do just that, however, we recommend you take part in the startup program to be in-the-know and gain inspiration to provide the best services to startups.