TARTU - the only city in the world to have its name in the word sTARTUp.

sTARTUp Day takes place in South-Estonia in a city called Tartu. It is a leafy town of students, intellectuals, and creatives, bringing back sweet, youthful memories to many who have once toured the city on a bicycle during their student days.

A home to one of Northern Europe’s oldest universities, Tartu has a wealth of museums and an upbeat nightlife. Upon your arrival in Tartu, you are soon welcomed by a statue of kissing students standing in a large Classicist town square nearby museums, cafes and a large park formed around a hill.

Tartu is compact, with most sights, restaurants, and nightlife nestled across a couple of parallel streets. Being the second largest town in Estonia and a cultural center, there is always something on from theatre performances to concerts and festivals.

Tartu is a city that promotes innovation via competitive enterprises, an attractive investment environment and the facilitation entrepreneurship and knowledge-based production and services. With a leading role in education and research, the human capital is the driving force of Tartu's growth over the centuries. With a pool of great talent, many ICT companies and startups such as Skype, Playtech, Fortumo and Mooncascade have started from here or moved their development centers here. Tartu has also been named as Silicon Valley of Estonia.

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