sTARTUp Day is a festival where business combines with celebration, entrepreneurship and good vibes – and that's how great ideas are born. 

We believe in a startup mindset – it’s about getting things done, no matter what, getting yourself back on track after failing and always dreaming as big as possible. That’s a startup mindset – and the mindset of everyone at sTARTUp Day. To fully grasp it, make sure you watch the video at the bottom of this page. 

What’s in it for you?

Ϟ A stage program full of inspiration

This is the heart of the festival. Alongside loads of hands-on seminars, we’ve got two stages filled with 150+ world-class speakers and a pitching stage with more than 300 young talents unveil their big ideas. 

Ϟ Discover the latest innovations in the Demo Area

This is the mecca of entrepreneurship! This is where you’ll find all of the latest innovation – take a look and you’ll discover new products, new friends, new opportunities – and perhaps, your next career challenge.

Ϟ Side events

The city of Tartu will turn into an exciting sTARTUp hub during the festival, with festival events running around the city day and night.

Ϟ Legendary networking parties

We always come up with awesome social opportunities at sTARTUp Day. In the past we've had concerts with local superstars and amazing office parties. This year we're doing something even more amazing – be prepared!

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Check out the best moments from sTARTUp Day 2021: 

“Come to Tartu and survive the cold, and then you will be your own hero.” – Yumiko from Japan

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