General Questions

Ϟ When and where is sTARTUp Day?

sTARTUp Day will take place on 24-26 August 2022 in Tartu, Estonia and online, worldwide. Event exact location: University of Tartu Sports Centre, Ujula 4, 51008, Tartu, Estonia.

The program for sTARTUp Day 2022 is:
Ϟ Side Events on August 24;

Ϟ Conference Day 1 on August 25;

Ϟ Conference Day 2 on August 26.

Ϟ Who can attend sTARTUp Day?

The event is open to all startup-minded people who are interested in entrepreneurship and business: entrepreneurs, investors, executives, students, scientists, innovators, programmers, marketers - you name it.

Ϟ How can I arrive at sTARTUp Day?

You can arrive in Estonia by plane (Tallinn airport). Then take the train or bus to Tartu. The journey lasts around 2 and a half hours. 

On the day of the event, we encourage you to arrive on foot or using public transport. In Tartu we use a taxi platform called Bolt, which is the easiest way of catching a taxi. There’s also a public free parking lot if you arrive by car. 

Find more information about transportation here

Ϟ What should I wear at the event?

There is no dress code for sTARTUp Day. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. 

Ϟ Is there food and drinks at the event?

Yes, we will have several cafes and dining places open for the participants. Please notice that the food is not included in the ticket price. At the venue, you can find free coffee as well as not so free coffee made by our marvelous coffee baristas. You can pay by cash or card at every vendor.

PS! Please, for the sake of our environment, take your own water bottle and straw (if you use one) with you which you can refill on the venue. If you drink a lot of coffee, we encourage you to take your own mug with you.

Ϟ Can I use the photos taken at the event by the photographers?

Yes, you may use the photos taken by photographers at the event if you credit the photographers and mention the name of the event (sTARTUp Day 2022). You may use the photos for media, publications, personal use etc. If possible, please use our festival hashtag #startupdayfest and #startupday2022.


Ϟ Where can I get sTARTUp Day tickets?

Tickets for sTARTUp Day 2022 are available via www.startupday.ee/tickets 

Ϟ What does a sTARTUp Day ticket include?

A Visitor ticket grants you full access to the whole festival, including the stage program, workshops, demo area, matchmaking, side-events and official afterparties. You will also get access to all the online ticket features.

With a Startup ticket, you gain physical access to the whole festival, early access to matchmaking, inclusion to the startup report and the opportunity to apply to the sTARTUp Pitching competition. In addition, you will get access to all of the online ticket features.

An Investor ticket gives you access to the whole festival including Investor Day for investors only, a list of participating startups, 3-5 personalized startup matches and early access to the matchmaking platform. In addition, you will be able to access all of the online ticket features.

Executive ticket owners will gain physical access to the whole program, side-events and the VIP reception. Of course, you will also be able to access the matchmaking tool and enjoy all of the online ticket perks.
Online tickets are also available for all ticket types. With an online ticket, you will be able to enjoy a live stream of the whole festival as well as use the matchmaking app.

Ϟ When is the latest I can purchase tickets?

You can buy the tickets until the event if physical tickets are not sold out (due to COVID-19 restrictions). Once the limit of physical tickets is reached, you will be able to buy online tickets and enjoy the whole program from the comfort of your own home, office, beach, bath or wherever you'd like to join us from.

Ϟ Can I purchase the ticket at the venue?

Yes, you can. We accept cash and card, however, if you pay by cash, please bring exact change.

Ϟ Can I buy a ticket now and tell the name of the attendee later?

You can buy a ticket beforehand and add the name of the attendee later. To verify access to the festival, the ticket has to be assigned to an attendee.

Ϟ Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, you can! On your ticket there is a link which enables you to change the attendee profile. Enter the new attendee data and click save & send. Please contact tickets@startupday.ee if you have any questions.

Ϟ Can I change my ticket type?

Yes! Please contact tickets@startupday.ee

Ϟ Is there a possibility to get a refund if I am not able to come?

Unfortunately, the tickets are not refundable. If you're unable to join us in person, you will still have the opportunity to make the most of the festival's online platform.


Ϟ Who are the sTARTUp Day 2022 speakers?

Ϟ Can I participate as a speaker?

Please contact info@startupday.ee


Ϟ Can I attend sTARTUp Day without a EU Digital COVID Certificate?

From August 9th, all public events with over 50 attendees are required to check visitors’ infection safety. This means we will be checking to ensure all attendees have been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 within 6 months. This applies to the main festival program and all side-events.

We will accept the EU Digital Certificate, official COVID test certificates as well as vaccination test certificates from other countries. Please find more information here

Ϟ Can I take a rapid test to enter the venue?

No, rapid testing results don't give the right to enter the venue. Find more information about COVID regulations at sTARTUp Day here

Ϟ What is the current COVID-19 situation in Estonia? 

Find the most up-to-date information concerning the COVID-19 pandemic at the Republic of Estonia Health Board's website.

Ϟ Can I travel to Tartu from abroad?

Yes, you can. Please find the most relevant information regarding traveling and COVID-19 at the Republic of Estonia Health Board's website.   

Ϟ How is health & safety ensured at the venue?

Your health & safety at the venue is our top priority & sTARTUp Day is following all the guidelines set by the Estonian government to ensure the safety of all participants. All participants who enter the venue will have proven their infection safety. There will be masks available onsite, hand disinfection stand will be placed around the venue and the venue is professionally cleaned multiple times. 

Find out more about COVID regulations at sTARTUp Day here

Ϟ I feel ill and cannot attend sTARTUp Day. What do I do?

If you feel ill or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home to ensure the health & safety of other participants as well as decrease the risk of another outbreak. sTARTUp Day 2022 will take place as a hybrid event, so please enjoy everything the online ticket has to offer. We promise to bring to you the best possible online experience we possibly can so you would be able to capture the same amount of value as you would on site.

Unfortunately, tickets for sTARTUp Day are not refundable with an exception for if the physical event cannot take place. In this case, we will refund the price difference between your ticket and an online ticket from the same ticketing period.