Ϟ When and where is sTARTUp Day?

  • sTARTUp Day will take place on 29-31 January 2020 in Tartu, Estonia. The venue address is UT Sports Hall, Ujula 4, Tartu. 29th of January is the pre-events day which will be followed by two conference days. On 30 and 31st of January, the doors will open at 9 am, the program will start at 10 am and end at 6 pm . 

Ϟ Who can attend sTARTUp Day?

  • The event is open to all startup-minded people who are interested in entrepreneurship and business: entrepreneurs, investors, executives, students, scientists, innovators, programmers, marketers - you name it.

Ϟ How can I arrive at sTARTUp Day?

  • You can arrive in Tartu by plane, train or bus. Tartu Airport has connecting flights with Helsinki Vantaa airport. You can also arrive in Tallinn (Estonia) or Riga (Latvia) airport and take a shuttle bus to Tartu.
  • On the day of the event, we encourage you to arrive on foot or public transport. The venue is located in the city center and is well connected with the public transport. In Tartu we use taxi platform called Bolt, which is the easiest way of catching a taxi. There’s also a public parking lot if you arrive by car. Parking fee payment in the center of Tartu is necessary from Monday to Friday from 8.00 – 18.00, with the exception of public holidays.

Ϟ What is the weather like?

  • The weather conditions in Tartu can be quite cold during the winter. Temperatures can drop below freezing especially during the night, and the average temperature is normally between –5 to 5 degrees Celcius. Please take the weather conditions into account when planning your trip and stay in Tartu.

Ϟ What should I wear at the event?

  • There is no dresscode for sTARTUp Day. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. The weather outside during the wintertime might be chilly so we recommend a warm coat and a scarf.

Ϟ Is there food and drinks at the event?

  • Yes, we will have several cafes and dining places open for the participants. Please notice that the food is not included in the ticket price. At the venue you can find free coffee, and also not so free coffee made by our marvellous coffee baristas. At the venue at all the places, you can pay either by cash or by card.

    Please, for the sake of our environment, take your own water bottle and a straw with you which you can refill on the venue. In addition, if you are a coffee lover, take your own coffee cup with you and get a sweet discount of every cup of coffee you drink.

Ϟ Can I use the photos that are taken at the event by the photographers?

  • Yes, you may use the photos taken by photographers at the event if you credit the photographers and mention the name of the event (sTARTUp Day 2020). You may use the photos for media, publications, personal use etc. If possible, please use our festival hashtag #startupdayfest .


Ϟ Where can I get sTARTUp Day tickets?

Ϟ What does sTARTUp Day ticket include?

  •  VISITOR TICKET. Visitor ticket grants you access to 3-day festival experience including conference program, seminars program, demo area, matchmaking, inspirational side events and official afterparties.
  •  STUDENT TICKET. All features from visitor ticket. ISIC Card will be strictly checked at sTARTUp Day entrance.
  • STARTUP TICKET. Includes all the features from visitor ticket plus early access to matchmaking, inclusion to investors' startup report, exclusive pre-event and chance to apply for sTARTUp Pitching competition. 
  • INVESTOR TICKET. Includes all features from visitor ticket. In addition, invitation to Investor Day and VIP Reception, access to VIP lounge and list of participating startups (generated match).
  • EXECUTIVE TICKET.  Includes all features from visitor ticket. In addition, invitation to VIP Reception, access to VIP lounge, invitation to exclusive executive workshops & meetings and list of participating startups.

The tickets are limited to 4000 participants. Once the limit is reached the ticket sale will be closed. If there are tickets left, you can buy them during the festival at the venue. We encourage you to buy the tickets as soon as possible to ensure access to the festival.

Ϟ When is the latest I can purchase tickets?

  • The tickets are limited to 4000 participants. Once the limit is reached the ticket sale will be closed. If there are tickets left, you can buy them during the festival at the venue. We encourage you to buy the tickets as soon as possible to secure access to the festival.

Ϟ Can I purchase the ticket at the venue?

  • Yes you can. With exact cash or with card. 

Ϟ Can I buy a ticket now and tell the name of the attendee later?

  • You can buy a ticket beforehand and add the name of the attendee later. To verify access to the festival, the ticket has to be assigned to an attendee. To do that, there is a link on the ticket “Check or change your registration details” which enables you to assign the ticket and insert other personal data required.

Ϟ Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

  • Yes! On your ticket, there is a link “Check or change your registration details”. Please insert there new ticket owner information and send the ticket to a new ticket owner. Please contact tickets@startupday.ee if you have any questions.

Ϟ Can I upgrade my ticket type?

  • Yes! Please contact tickets@startupday.ee do to that.

Ϟ Is there a possibility to refund if I am not able to come?

  • Unfortunately, the tickets are not refundable.


Ϟ Who will be the speakers?

  • Our speaker list is available and up to date on our subpage.We have international experts and local entrepreneurs speaking on various topics and in various forms - keynotes, panels, fireside chats, pitching etc.

Ϟ Can I participate as a speaker?

  • Please contact info@startupday.ee