What do you believe yourself to be capable of achieving?

Personal Power comes from our perception of self and is the key to unlocking our true potential, writes Rein Lemberpuu in an essay based on his new book "Unwanted Secrets of Power".

This article was written by Rein Lemberpuu, CEO and Founder of .Contriber.

In our journey through life, Personal Power is the key to unlocking our true potential. It comes from our perception of self, determining what we believe we are capable of achieving.

What do you believe yourself to be capable of achieving?

Would you like to be able to do more?

Like currency, Personal Power can be accumulated and utilized in various areas of our lives. By understanding this concept and actively seeking to expand our perceptions, we can amass a wealth of Personal Power that empowers us to accomplish our dreams and aspirations.


My name is Rein Lemberpuu, and I have experienced quite many things a lot of people never will – built a unicorn startup, opened coworking spaces and hubs, invested in over 40 startups, opened a self-development school, bought a manor and published a book just to name a few. I now know myself to be capable of doing these things, and this experience has given me a lot of Knowledge that fuels my next endeavors.


My journey to self-discovery started 14 years ago with a very nice crisis where everything went south  my marriage was on the verge of divorce, I had quit a successful career, and all my businesses were losing money. This brought me to the search of why I'm here and what's my purpose in this life. I explored different self-development practices until I re-membered the Path of Knowledge as expressed by Toltec tradition.

One of the key things I like is that personal development takes place through everyday life. No need to isolate yourself from the world nor sit for hours meditating. Instead you live your life to the fullest and you discover about yourself through every relationship you have while materializing your dreams. Everything you need is simple, even though the expectations are that people need something huge. But don’t get me wrong  simple is not always easy. I will now share with you one of the most important pieces of information that is mostly overlooked. It is not complicated and you do not need a university degree to grasp it, yet understanding this is crucial.

Information is a theoretical explanation of something. Information becomes Knowledge after you have personal experience in the subject matter.

This article contains information; if you Google something, you find information; if a co-worker gives you advice, it is all information. Information is not power, but it is potential for power. Once you have put something into use and have obtained your personal experience, you can then call this Knowledge. On Path of Knowledge, you will learn to trust your own experiences over whatever anyone else has been telling you.

If I Google a cake recipe and bake it, I have gained Knowledge through my experience; if I read about how to use anger constructively and test it out during an argument, I have gained Knowledge; if I read everything there is about Egypt but never go there I only have information.

Coming back to the main topic of this article – you need experiences to gain Personal Power that is your Knowledge. Simply put, you gain self-awareness only through action. The more you do, the more you know yourself to be able to do. Toltec in old tongue means Man of Knowledge of Self.


Another important aspect of Personal Power is making decisions. If you do not have enough Personal Power, the decisions are made for you, not by you. And this decision-maker can even be your subconscious – your default action will execute itself. This is also what is called a re-action. We have been led to believe that we have freedom of choice.

An action without your choice becomes a re-action.

Would you choose to be miserable? Probably not, but if you feel this way, you are not the one who made the choice. The next question to ask is, why would you not want to be the one who makes that choice?

If you can be so aware of yourself that you feel good about yourself, your life, and your surroundings, doesn’t it sound good?

So, what would be a good and simple way to include self-discovery in your everyday life to gain more Personal Power?

There are many ways, but I will give you one that feels too easy – pay attention to the words you are using.

1. First, focus on noticing when you use the phrase “I have to…” as it implies you do not have a choice. Instead say “I choose to…” or “I want to…”.

2. Notice when you say “I cannot..” and try to replace it with “I don’t want to”.

3. Notice when you say “I don’t know,” as this is where you are giving away the decision-making and your own Personal Power. But you can say that “I choose not to decide at the moment” when you need more time to gain clarity.

Words are powerful, even if they might not feel like this. But, as I said before – this is just information. Put this into action and see what comes out of it. I am curious to hear if you have tested any of these recommendations for at least 3 days; what did you notice or learn about yourself, or what change did you see in the world? If you want, you are welcome to share your thoughts with me at rein@contriber.com.

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This article is based on Rein Lemberpuu's new book “Unwanted Secrets of Power.

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