If you do not want to stand in the queue on 24th January when it's freezing outside, we kindly ask you to get your badge on 22nd or 23rd January in Tallinn or Tartu.
Once you've received your badge, you'll get the "badger" status and are allowed to use the VIP queue during the main festival days. So you can avoid standing in the queue when it's freezing outside. Speakers have chance to get their badge from the hotel where they are staying.

Please note that the queue on 24th and 25th January will be outside and it will get cold. If you can't get your badge earlier, come as early as possible to avoid the long queue. The doors will be open from 9 AM.

What time and where can I collect my badge?

22nd January


9 - 11 AM at Workland Estonia (Pärnu maantee 12)
12 - 2 PM at Tehnopol Startup Incubator (Mäealuse 2/1)
3 - 5 PM at (Telliskivi 60a)


9 AM - 6 PM at sTARTUp Lounge (Kompanii 2 / Raekoja plats 16)

23rd January

Only in TARTU

8.30 - 10 AM at Digiheroes Conference at UT Sports Hall
9 AM - 6 PM at SPARK HUB
9.30 - 10.30 AM at Executive Day at Dorpat Conference Centre (Soola 6)
11 AM - 3 PM at sTARTUp Lounge
5 - 7 PM at Global Founders Meetup (Kalevi 17)
7 - 10 PM at Karaoke party at NAIIV (Vallikraavi 6)

What do I need to have to get my badge?

In order to collect your badge, you need to show barcode (you can find it from confirmation email) in the registration area.

How long will it take to collect my badge?

We suggest reckoning with about 5 minutes at preprinting but with about 20 minutes at the festival time. During the festival, the collecting process might take longer and we highly suggest to collect your badge before the festival time.

Can I get my badge on 24th January?

Yes, you can. In that case, we recommend arriving as early as possible to avoid the queue. Doors will open at 9 AM.