The winners of sTARTUp Pitching 2022 have been announced!

A record number of 380 applicants from 47 countries started this year’s sTARTUp Pitching competition. After a fierce competition, the winners have been announced. LightCode Photonics and Nanordica Medical were awarded EstBAN-led syndicates of €200k and €150k respectively, and Longenesis received a €100k syndicate investment from .Cocoon Ventures.

The Estonian Business Angels Network (EstBAN) selected their syndicated investments to go to LightCode Photonics and Nanordica Medical. “In the TOP40 there were companies from GreenTech, FoodTech, DeepTech, MedTech and other interesting fields. EstBAN syndicate lead investors decided to choose two deep tech companies founded and led by women. This hopefully shows the trend and the future of venture capital – more and more patient money goes into companies that are science-based and diverse,” commented Anu Oks, Managing Director of EstBAN.

EstBAN had initially planned a syndicate investment of up to €200k in one company, but seeing the high quality level of participating startups, decided to give out two instead. “There were some amazing examples of impactful technological advancements and we decided to go forward with the two companies that stood out the most,” explained lead investor Heidi Kakko. “We’re excited to see how we can support the growth of these two companies and look forward to what the future holds,” added the lead investor Martin Goroško.

The €100k syndicate investment from .Cocoon Ventures went to Longenesis. “Their team is well-aligned with the values of .Cocoon Ventures, such as willingness to learn, growth mindset and diligence. Additionally, they are just in the right phase where we can contribute most to their future growth,” said Aleksander Tõnnisson, the Founding Partner of .Cocoon Ventures.

Here are all the winners:

Ϟ €200,000 EstBAN-led syndicate investment

LightCode Photonics 

Lightcode Photonics is building the world's first software-defined 3D camera for robots to see the world and navigate safely.

Ϟ €150,000 EstBAN-led syndicate investment

Nanordica Medical 

Nanordica Medical is developing advanced antibacterial wound care products to avoid infection-related amputations.

Ϟ €100,000 syndicate investment from .Cocoon Ventures


Longenesis helps healthcare and life sciences companies make better use of their data, accelerate research and engage patients.

Ϟ €10k equity-free cash from Swedbank

äio Tech 

äio Tech designs microbes for sustainable production of healthy food and feed ingredients.

Ϟ €20,000 data center services from Greenergy Data Centers 


Rexplorer is a platform for exploration, planning, generation and monitoring of renewable energy.

Ϟ €3000 equity-free cash and mentoring from Head of Tele2 Estonia, Chris Robbins


Bloomcoding aims to build the No.1 online coding school engaging children through VR and AR game development in Europe.

Ϟ €7,500 legal support from Sorainen

LightCode Photonics  

Nanordica Medical

äio Tech 

Ϟ €5 000 legal mentoring from TGS Baltic

Better Medicine

Better Medicine is developing medical imaging AI and software tools to help radiologists fight cancer.

Ϟ 3 x $5000 in Amazon Web Services credits from Cloudvisor


Acorai is developing a medical tool for non-invasive heart failure monitoring to improve the standard of care for heart failure patients.


Activate Health 

Activate Health is re-inventing metabolic health with evidence-based digital therapies that scale like software.


Exponaut is developing a platform with communication automatization features to pool the resources of businesses for growth.

Ϟ Tera Ventures mentoring package 


Ringo eliminates disposable packaging and provides reusable packages as service.

Ϟ S2B Work Space for 3 months

Menken Trials 

Menken Trials is developing a web app to help pharmas reduce costs with online access to clinical drug trial documentation.

Congratulations to all the winners! And don’t forget – the application period to sTARTUp Pitching 2023 starts already in October!

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