sTARTUp Statistics

sTARTUp Day 2020 brought together over 4400 participants, including 700 entrepreneurs representing 352 startups. 
Here are some key statistics: 


In total, startups from 32 countries attended sTARTUp Day 2020. 70.6% of them were from Estonia, 5.7% came from Finland, 4.7% from Latvia, 2.5% from Lithuania, 1.9% from Germany and the remaining 14.6% from 20 various countries.

   Other countries represented: 

 Ϟ Afghanistan  Ϟ Denmark     Ϟ Russia

 Ϟ Albania    Ϟ Ghana       Ϟ Spain

 Ϟ Algeria     Ϟ India       Ϟ Tunisia

 Ϟ Australia     Ϟ Iran      Ϟ Ukraine

 Ϟ Austria     Ϟ Italy      Ϟ UK

 Ϟ Azerbaijan    Ϟ Japan      Ϟ USA

 Ϟ Belarus    Ϟ Poland

Stage and valuation

About half of the attending startups were in the MVP/Seed stage, followed in percentage by Product-Market Fit, Scaling and Idea Stage. We also tracked the pre-money valuation, common valuation was between €1M and €5M though it ranged to €50M.



74.4% of startups at sTARTUp Day were seeking capital. 

The range of required capital was up to €7 million, with the most startups seeking a €100k-500k investment. 


With B2B2C, B2C, B2G and C2C companies also present, half of the Startup ticket owners were from B2B companies. More than two-thirds of all startups defined their broad category as software, followed in popularity by "other" and hardware. 


Our validation platform allows companies to define their industry by selecting up to three categories from the options given. Below, you can find the results, however, please note that one startup can be part of multiple categories. 


sTARTUp Pitching winners

In addition to startup representatives making the most of everything, sTARTUp Day has to offer, 271 startups took part in sTARTUp Pitching, the official pitching competition of sTARTUp Day. An expert panel of judges picked 32 startups who got the opportunity to pitch at the festival. Out of those, the TOP 7 teams pitched on the main stage of sTARTUp Day 2020 to compete for the main prizes. 

You can find more information about the winners here

Find the PDF sTARTUp Statistics report here

sTARTUp Day is the biggest business festival in the Baltics bringing together over 4400 startup-minded entrepreneurs in the smart city of Tartu. The next festival takes place on 27–29 January 2021. 

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