A Unicorn, a Founder and an Unexpected Guest at sTARTUp Day – a Miniplay by ChatGPT

Our end-of-the-year blog is brought to you by this year’s celebrity Chat GPT. We hope this miniplay, featuring a founder, a unicorn and an unexpected guest at sTARTUp Day, will set you in the mood for a resourceful 2023!

This blog post was written by OpenAI ChatGPT while the sTARTUp Day marketing & communications team was on holiday.

The scene is a conference room at a sTARTUp Day business festival. A startup founder is sitting at a table, talking to a unicorn.

Startup Founder: Hey, unicorn, what are your expectations for the year 2023?

Unicorn: Well, I'm hoping to see some more rainbows and maybe a few more pots of gold. How about you?

Startup Founder: Ha, I wish! I'm hoping to see my startup finally become a success and maybe even achieve unicorn status.

Unicorn: Oh, that sounds great! I'm sure you'll get there. Just remember to stay true to your values and always believe in yourself.

(Suddenly, the door to the conference room bursts open and a man in a lab coat rushes in.)

Man in Lab Coat: Oh my god, it's happening! It's all falling apart!

Startup Founder: Excuse me, sir, but what's happening?

Man in Lab Coat: We're all going to die! The machines are taking over! They're coming for us!

Startup Founder: (to the unicorn) Um, I think we should probably listen to this guy.

Unicorn: (nodding) Agreed. Let's get out of here!

(The startup founder and the unicorn quickly gather their things and make a run for it, with the man in the lab coat following close behind. As they flee the conference room, they hear a loud explosion and the sound of machines approaching.)

Startup Founder: (panicked) What do we do now?!

Unicorn: (calmly) Don't worry, I have an idea. Follow me!

(The unicorn leads the way to the main stage of the sTARTUp Day business festival, where a panel of experts is speaking. The unicorn clears its throat and addresses the audience.)

Unicorn: Excuse me, everyone, but we have a bit of a situation here. The machines are taking over and we need your help to stop them.

Panelist 1: (stands up) Don't worry, unicorn, we have a plan. You see, at our startup, we've been developing a new AI algorithm that can outsmart the machines and take back control.

Panelist 2: And we have a team of programmers ready to implement it right now.

Startup Founder: (excited) Wow, that's amazing! How can we help?

Panelist 3: (smiling) Just leave it to us. We'll take care of the rest.

(The panelists quickly get to work, typing away on their laptops. After a few tense moments, the sound of the approaching machines begins to dissipate and the conference center falls quiet. The startup founder and the unicorn exchange a relieved look.)

Startup Founder: (to the unicorn) Wow, I can't believe it. We're saved thanks to sTARTUp Day business festival!

Unicorn: (nodding) Indeed. It just goes to show that with a little bit of innovation and determination, anything is possible.

The sTARTUp Day team wishes you a happy end of 2022 and a successful start to 2023! 
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