sTARTUp Day is a festival where business combines with celebration, entrepreneurship and good vibes – and that's how great ideas are born. 

This year, we’re doing things differently to ensure everyone’s health and safety at the event. After all, we believe in a startup mindset – it’s about getting things done no matter what, getting yourself back on track after failing and always dreaming as big as possible. That’s a startup mindset – and the mindset of everyone at sTARTUp Day.

sTARTUp Day 2021 comprises of three separate festival programs: Powering Inspiration, Chasing Unicorns and Leading Innovation. Every physical ticket will give you access to one of those programs as well as an online ticket to the rest of the festival.

Find the right day for you:

Ϟ Powering Inspiration

Powering inspiration is for all the specialists and inspiration seekers out there. The stage program will make your eyes sparkle and give you a dose of the entrepreneurial motivation that we all need from time to time. Also, workshops will sharpen your professional skills and networking opportunities allow you to skyrocket your career – all in the middle of an epic festival vibe.

Ϟ Chasing Unicorns

Startups and investors – this is the place to be! The Chasing Unicorns track will help startups and investors grow, both separately and together. Expect specialized workshops and talks, matchmaking, high-level pitching competitions and potential new investments. Estonia has the highest number of unicorns per capita and it’s high time for the next one.

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Ϟ Leading Innovation

It takes a lot of experience and an ever-expanding skillset to run a company. Executives, stay up-to-date on the latest innovation at the Smart Leaders Meetup. After the formal bit, let us treat you like the VIPs you are at a networking gala.

“Come to Tartu and survive the cold, and then you will be your own hero.” – Yumiko from Japan

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