Youth area

We're aiming to grow future founders and as the main program might be a little boring for them, we'll create a special youth area at the venue. The program will be most interesting to 10-15 yo kids and if you have a ticket, your up to 15 years old kids can attend the festival without any additional fee.
We have planned different workshops on 24th and 25th January from 10 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 5 PM. The workshops will be held by 

SPARK MakerlabScience Centre Ahhaa, Entrepreneurship Village (Ettevõtlusküla) and others. 

SPARK Makerlab workshops

24th January 

10 - 12 PM electric guitar workshop where kids can build their own one string guitar

3 - 5 PM car engineering workshop which demonstrates how different cars work and answers question why there are not flying cars or machines that work on the basis of air or rubber

25th January

10 - 12 PM car engineering workshop 

3 - 5 PM electric guitar workshop

Entrepreneurship Village games

24th and 25th January from 1 PM - 3 PM

Entrepreneurship Village (Ettevõtlusküla) is organizing role plays which teach kids the base knowledge of entrepreneurship, economy and financial matters. Players will be divided into roles and they get role- and age-appropriate tasks. The game teaches how to see and create relations between citizens, economy, and society. It's instructed by trained instructors, who assist kids during the role play. This roleplay is fun and efficient learning experience. For participating you or your child must be registered.
  • Please register in advance here.

Science Centre Ahhaa workshops

Ahhaa will hold four different workshops:
  • Toothbrush robot (building a small robot that rides across the table)
  • Pepper's ghost (using reflection effect to create “hologram” on the smartphone screen)
  • Gabbage Chemistry
  • DNA  abstraction

Additionally, Science Bike rides around the youth area and makes thrilling scientific experiments.


Robotic workshops introduce the field of robotics and primary programming. Kids can try a set of robots (Lego Kit, etc).