Are you ready to find your perfect business match? Of course you are!
Once again, sTARTUp Day is bringing together startups and investors during the buzzing festival days. The goal is to
connect startups and investors based on specific topics and interests to make great connections fast. That is where our Speed Dating program with 10 meetings x 3 minutes comes into play!

⚡️ For investors - 
quick interactions will give an effective overview of startups working in specific fields that you are interested in. No more boring business dates without common ground!
⚡️ For startups - lifetime opportunity to meet many potential investors interested in their field of business and get valuable feedback. Finding the perfect investors has never been easier!


Day 1 - August 25 
11:00 Entertainment

12:00 Mobility

13:00 Research to the Rescue! (powered by Estonian Research Council)*

14:00 Research to the Rescue! (powered by Estonian Research Council)*

15:00 Smart City

16:00 EdTech


Researchers and startups will have a chance to meet face to face and see if they have mutual interests. In the event, everyone will have 1:1 discussions to introduce their problems and field of study to test their ideas against new points of view and see, if there is a chance for cooperation in the future. Keywords of participating researchers: big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, robotics, ICT.

*researchers have already pre-registered for these sessions. If you are a startup looking for cooperation with or wisdom from researchers, then this is the session for you!


Day 2 - August 26

10:00 BioTech

11:00 SpaceTech

12:00 HealthTech

13:00 Cybersecurity

14:00 Fintech & Blockchain

15:00 IoT


How does it work? 

Each thematic block includes investors and startups who are interested in or working in that particular field of business. All the 1:1 interactions last up to 3 minutes. During the meeting, the startup representative will introduce their business and the investor will understand if they would like to continue the talks with that startup later on. Each startup gets the opportunity to interact with every investor attending the particular topic and vice versa. sTARTUp Day lovely volunteers will signal to the participants if it’s time to change the partner and it all starts again. Simple, right? Some would even say that sounds like speed dating.

Meeting slots will be split into hour-long thematic blocks based on your ticket type and interests. Although we recommend making the most of the entire schedule, you can jump in and join the fun whenever you can! There will be more than enough opportunities to meet the right investors, listen to up-and-coming startups pitch, network with executives, and mingle with visitors. 

Join, cause you might find your life changer!

For Startups & Investors

Tracking down the right investment opportunity could take months. Who has the time for that when you could make 10 potential deals per hour? 

Each thematic block includes investors and startups who are interested in or working in that particular field of business. Startups have 3 minutes to pitch to each investor who will decide whether they are interested in continuing discussions later on. Remember, the aim of a first meeting is to generate interest, not investment!

Tips for startups:

 Ϟ  Prepare! You have 3 minutes to pitch your idea and only a few seconds to make a positive first impression. 

 Ϟ  Your pitch should be prepared, efficient, and goal-oriented.

 Ϟ  Leave time for questions. Would you like to go on a date where only your partner talks the entire time? 
 Ϟ  Before your time is up, make sure to exchange contacts to continue the discussion afterward. 

Investors, remember to: 

 Ϟ   Pre-determine the aspects you're looking for.   

 Ϟ   Be present and give your attention to each startup. This way, you don't miss out on something life-changing.  

 Ϟ   Last but not least: have fun and enjoy the fast energy of the event.

If you have any questions, please contact the speed dating area manager Ardo Vara: ardo.vara@startupday.ee

*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program