In addition to the main stage programs at sTARTUp Day, the Festival Studio will be streaming entertaining content as an extra stage! This stage acts as a welcome change of pace to everything else going on at the festival.
This Stage is mostly aimed at virtual participants, however, there is a small seating area onsite for in-person attendees as well. 

Check out the whole program by choosing "Festival studio" in the location tab here

Here's what's waiting for you at the Festival Studio:*


We all need a break sometimes. You can't be productive 8 h a day. Tune in to a magic show, listen to a stand-up comedy show or find out how to create a DIY movie. 

Interactive content

Are your fingers itching to do something practical aside from taking in all the knowledge from the main stage programs? Tune in to a fast course in power napping, learn how to do a backflip, follow a cooking show, put your tech insight to a test with a pop quiz and dive into self-development with a focused game. 

Light-hearted talks

There's just so much great insight from our partners and speakers that we couldn't leave you without some educational talks as well. We'll take you inside the unicorn factory of Invest in Estonia, talk about Estonian superfoods, share some fuck-up stories and give you some practical tips from the top experts in legal & deeptech.

When we say there's something for everybody, we mean everybody! 

*organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the program.