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Executive program

Executive Day is a gathering of all the superheroes. On March 15th this exclusive event is a chance for executives to share their experiences, learn from one another, and create valuable connections. The day is packed with exciting new ideas, but still has plenty of opportunities for networking.


 10:00 Gathering for Executive Day and registration
 10:30Opening words from Anastasiia Shevchenko and Piret Potisepp 
 10:35Fireside chat with Tarun Sharma (Nokia Ventures)
 11:20Panel Intro
Siim Lepisk (Net Group)
 11:30 Paulius Kozlovas (Ignitis Group)
 11:35 Erik Juhani Kolehmainen (Metsä Spring)
 11:40 Panel discussion - Corporate innovation via startups
 12:30 Networking

Fireside chat with Tarun Sharma, COO, Nokia Ventures

Together with Tarun Sharma and moderator Anastasiia Shevchenko, we will be discussing a topic that is becoming increasingly important in today's world - rethinking the way we do business. Traditional business models and practices are being challenged like never before, with an urgent need for companies to consider whether the current structure of the company works to their advantage.
In this chat, we will be exploring the reasons behind this shift in thinking, and the ways in which companies can adapt and embrace more innovative practices. So sit back, relax, and join us for an enlightening discussion about the future of business. 

Corporate innovation via startups

The relationship between established corporations and startup companies is rapidly changing, with both sides recognizing the potential benefits of collaboration. In this panel, we'll explore the ways in which startups can bring fresh ideas and agility to large corporations, while also benefiting from their resources and experience.
Siim Lepisk (Net Group), Paulius Kozlovas (Ignitis Group), and Erik Juhani Kolehmainen (Metsä Spring) will share insights on successful partnerships, the challenges that arise, and the importance of building strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Alongside our moderator Piret Potisepp we will bring you a stimulating discussion on the evolving landscape of corporate innovation.


Executive Day will be held at the Kammivabrik Factory located at Teguri 28A, Tartu. For a detailed location, see the map below.


If you arrive by car, we can offer limited parking space in the parking lot situated next to the venue. In case there isn't enough room you can park your car on the nearby street. You can also explore other parking opportunities in Tartu via Autlo app.
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