The Empowering Entrepreneurship program on August 26 is for all startup-minded professionals from any field of work and walk of life. We'll drill down on how to build great companies and lead satisfying lives as individuals.
Keynote speech by Patrick Flesner

There is a graveyard full of startups that didn't manage to get from initial traction to sustainable high growth. Many of them tried to sprint through the growth valley of death by focusing solely on top-line growth. This keynote speech by Patrick Flesner (LeadX Capital Partners) will introduce you to the FastScaling growth methodology and will help you avoid some typical growth-related mistakes many founders make. 

CEO and co-founder of Fractory Martin Vares will tell you the founder story as-is - no filter added.

Entrepreneurial impact

In a time of immense greed, waste, and climate change, social entrepreneurship has emerged to the spotlight as a way to battle the deterioration of the planet. After all, where else are we going to live? From vegan milk to food out of thin air, the latest innovations and most recent trends in food tech will be brought to you by Tuure Parviainen (Volare), Will van den Tweel (Those Vegan Cowboys), Ben Holden (Whywaste), and Zhang Shilei (Solar Foods).

Mental health & psychology

The life of an entrepreneur can be fascinating and rewarding, yet often stressful. How to align your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being? Sharing their expertise will be Keith Wakeman (SuperBetter), Joe Schaeppi (12traits), Kadri Haljas (Triumf Health), Jin Han (Globus International), Marcel Gasser (.Cocoon Ventures), and Hristo Neiland (.Cocoon Ventures).

A buzzing event, full of energy, excellent pitches, great speakers and loads of passion. I loved being part of sTARTUp day!
– David Beckett, Pitch Coach at Best3Minutes

Founder's skills

Launching a startup is hard as hell. What are the seven mistakes to avoid? How do you choose a co-founder? How to grow as a founder? How to successfully scale startups? Aiming to arm first-time startup founders with practical knowledge are Christoph Klink (Antler VC), Marcel Poelker (Taledo), and many others.

sTARTUp Pitching

We're bringing to you the brightest startups in the region looking for investments in various pitching competitions! The grand finale of these is our annual sTARTUp Pitching where the TOP 5 startups compete for a €200k investment, €10k equity-free cash, and other prizes. Find more information here.

... and of course, loads of entertainment in between

Before, after, and in between all the talks and seminars, take a break and enjoy our entertainment program.