The Embracing Innovation program on August 25 is packed with practical knowledge on how scientific advances and new technologies shape the future of business in various sectors.
From science to business

When research, business, talent, and life come together, it shortens the way from idea to solution. But how to turn scientists into entrepreneurs? Sharing his expertise is, among others, Lauri Reuter (Nordic FoodTech VC), who may just as well be called an expert in the future of food. He has a PhD in biotechnology and is a scientist-turned-investor and a founder of the first foodtech-focused VC fund in the Nordics. 

I was surprised by the high quality of local and international startups presented at the event. Months later, I am still in touch with entrepreneurs and investors that I met in Tartu, which is of big value. – Magda Lukaszewicz, Investment Associate, Balderton Capital

The future of mobility

From solar cars to air taxis, one thing is for sure - the future of mobility will strive towards environmentally-friendly transportation. And innovative solutions in this field are numerous! Eduardo Dominguez Puerta (Vertical Aerospace) talks about launching the world's first commercial flying taxis, whereas Mari-Ly Klaats (Auve Tech) focuses on autonomous vehicles and Kristel Leif (Solaride) on solar cars. 

However, technology is often a few steps ahead of the law. Taavi Rõivas (Auve Tech), Indrek Gailan (Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications), and Pirko Konsa (Modern Mobility) discuss how government can foster innovation in mobility. The panel will be moderated by Maarja Rannama (ITS Estonia).

Entertainment industry skills

Experts from various fields – such as gaming ( Ott Ozolit who's ex-Ubisoft), and cyber safety (Mihkel Tikk from Estonian Ministry of Defence) – will be giving all of us a peek behind the curtain of their respective businesses, plus the skills, experiences, and personal stories unlike any other that have made them as successful as they are.

The sTARTUp festival is amazing – I just can’t believe how well organized it is! I mean it’s like I’m in New York or London.
– Hermione Way, Brand Consultant & Former Head of European Communications at Tinder
sTARTUp Night

Legendary sTARTUp Night wraps up the first conference day. The afterparty is bringing together the coolest festival visitors, good music, and lots of surprises! We believe that the best ideas and deals come when business meets celebration, which is why at sTARTUp Day you will find a unique blend of practical knowledge and a festival atmosphere.