sTARTUp Day 2024 program is out!

With 35 days to go until the festival, the sTARTUp Day 2024 program is out now! From survival strategies to sustainable entrepreneurship, from deeptech to personal pivots, from AI to corporate fashion – read more about this year’s program highlights on our blog.

“The sTARTUp Day festival reflects the state of the startup sector and one of the keywords in 2023 has definitely been survival. We feel the very same challenges that entrepreneurs are facing every day also in our own team,” explains sTARTUp Day 2024 Head Organizer Mart Lättekivi. “So it’s no surprise that we’re going to speak a lot about survival at this year’s festival. From the most literal sense of surviving a climb to the summit of Mt. Everest to a more figurative sense of sharing the lessons of adapting to a tough economic environment and becoming stronger as a result.”

Of course, the stage program covers much more than that. On Day 1, after the opening show, we’ll have the honor of hosting a fireside chat with Mr. President of Estonia, Alar Karis. Next, we’ll delve deep into deeptech and science-based innovation, while not forgetting to tackle AI, impact investing and greentech.

Arts of Survival is also the artistic concept of the Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture program, referring to the knowledge, skills and values that will help us lead a good life in the future. In the afternoon, this topic will be explored from various angles in the Tartu 2024 stage track by speakers from the arts and tech world – including the winner of the sTARTUp Day 2024 speaker contest.

We’ll wrap up Day 1 with battle-tested advice on how to weather a stormy economic climate from seasoned entrepreneurs and startup mentors.

Day 2 starts with the much anticipated Detox Morning (if you were there last time, you know what we are talking about!) before turning our gaze inward and exploring our deeper potential as individuals and organizations.

Throughout the day, we’ll explore how we can build empowering organizations and personally fulfilling careers, dive deep into the secrets of brand-building and marketing and hear some deeply personal stories of professional pivots, burnout and founder divorce.

In addition to the stage program, we’ve made it our mission to pack this year’s festival with as much practical knowledge as possible, shared by top experts in our seminar program. Don’t miss the chance to pick up new skills in more than 50 seminars on specialized topics hosted by the best practitioners in law, marketing, fundraising, leadership and personal development. See the seminar program (new seminars are still being added).

Of course, it’s impossible to cover all the topics covered by our 150+ speakers, so be sure to check out the full program.
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