Fun Ideas Mini-hackathon

26th September at 6 PM at SPARK

Innovative ideas are often considered stupid at first – until they become unicorns. Join us for a mini-hackathon to brainstorm crazy fun ideas that might later become into reality! 

During the mini-hackathon, we will...

  • Share with you the craziest startup ideas we’ve heard;
  • Show you how nobody believed in now-so-successful ideas at first;
  • Have fun brainstorming, form teams, and have some more fun;
  • Turn those ideas into reality (or at least create an action plan) 90 minutes. 

So – if you want to start a startup, feel free to join us. If you'd just like to have some fun, you can join us as well! The event takes place on Wednesday, 26th September at 6 PM at SPARK (Narva mnt 3).

The event is free of charge, but please register before  

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