We believe that innovation comes through collaboration between startups, corporates, and academia. sTARTUp Day is the festival where all three are present.

If you want to be the leader of innovation, always looking for better solutions and taking your company forward – sTARTUp Day is the place to do that. The program and the profile of attendees are accordingly diverse to give you all the possible opportunities to discover new ideas and make interesting connections.

What’s in it for you?

Ϟ Get inspired by the startup mindset

You don’t have to be a startupper to have a startup mindset. It’s just about making fast decisions, being fearless, thinking bold – just like the startuppers do. Own it, believe it, and just do it. Fail, learn, and start again.

Ϟ Executive program

In addition to the 150+ speakers and 40+ workshops open to everyone, we've curated an exclusive program that tailors the needs of forward-looking executives. 

Last year, the executive stage program focused on cybersecurity and advanced analytics in manufacturing and we are also treated executives to digitalization, change management, and creativity seminars. 

While we're working on putting together the program for sTARTUp Day 2021, take a look at last year's executive program.

Ϟ VIP Lounge & side-events

We think you deserve some VIP treatment for all the hard work you do. 

At the venue, kick back at the VIP lounge fully equipped with coffee and food throughout the festival. You'll also have access to the VIP balcony – imagine yourself getting inspired by the best speakers while sipping coffee with high-class companions. Pretty good, huh? 

Your time is valuable, so we've tailored exclusive side events to meet your needs – join us at the VIP reception, region tours and coffee mornings to network with and learn from with like-minded executives, investors, and speakers. 

Ϟ Demo area

You'll have a chance to showcase your company to the audience of 4,400 potential customers, partners, and new employees. Additionally, all demo area companies will be highlighted in the MeetFrank recruitment app to help discover new talent. 

Demo area applications open in September. Until then, take a look at last year's demo area.