We believe that innovation comes through collaboration between startups, corporates, and academia. sTARTUp Day is the festival where all three are present.

If you want to be the leader of innovation, always looking for better solutions and taking your company forward – sTARTUp Day is the place to do that. The program and the profile of attendees are accordingly diverse to give you all the possible opportunities to discover new ideas and make interesting connections.

What’s in it for you?

Ϟ Get inspired by the startup mindset

You don’t have to be a startupper to have a startup mindset. It’s just about making fast decisions, being fearless, thinking bold – just like the startuppers do. Own it, believe it, and just do it. Fail, learn, and start again.

Ϟ Special stage program

This year we will treat you and the other forward-looking executives with a special stage program. The main topics will be:

  • Cybersecurity. You'll learn how not to lose hundreds of millions through a security breach. You'll understand the importance of taking the cybersecurity of your business to another level and staying ahead of the game through interactive examples from the experiences of others that have been less fortunate.

  • Smart manufacturing & the world of datafication. You have thought about it. But have you drafted a plan intending to utilize the data that different processes leave behind? Even if the answer is yes, you'll get a chance to extend your knowledge on how to employ the data to give you a competitive advantage. Again, the examples you'll hear about are real-life cases from industry leaders from Estonia and other parts of the world.

As an additional perk, we will treat executives from industrial companies with intimate workshops to discuss the pain points related to these subjects.

Ϟ VIP Sessions & side events

At the sTARTUp Day seminar area, you'll have a chance to attend seminars for only executive ticket holders. Additionally, to encourage connections between executives, you can visit special events like VIP reception & coffee mornings. At the venue, you’re warmly welcomed to the special VIP lounge along with the investors and other VIP guests. Just imagine yourself enjoying the best view of the sTARTUp Day main stage while sipping coffee with high-class companions. Pretty good, huh?

Ϟ Demo area

You'll have a chance to showcase your company to the audience of 4000. Potential customers, partners, and new employees. Additionally, all demo area companies will access MeetFrank which will help discover new talent from sTARTUp Day attendees. Starting from September, you can submit your application to be part of the sTARTUp Day demo area.