About festival

sTARTUp Day is the biggest business festival in Estonia and the Baltic States. It started out as an idea to incorporate different business events organised in Tartu and ended up with 2800 participants, 100 startups and 70 investors in its first year (2016). The festival is an representation of startup and business ecosystem in Tartu with all of the organisations and people behind them. No wonder it was this successful – Tartu is the only city in the world to have it's name in the word "startup"!

We focus on early-stage business. This involves everything between having an idea or an entrepreneurial mindset to having a business model that creates positive cash flow, well-known product or growth phase investments and strategies. In 2016, the head topic was "How to Earn if there's nothing to Burn?". With keynote speakers like John Sechrest, Jamie Dunn and Ravi Belani we discussed how and why startups so often burn money and why so little of them succeed in the end.

The festival program also included topics like turning your passion into a successful business with speakers like Christian LeBlanc, Sandra Vabarna and Richard Murutar, pains and gains in sports industries with Olympic champion Gerd Kanter and two successful Estonian startups in the industry SportID and Sportlyzer, computer-simulated reality with VR sensations Keiichi Matsuda and Niko Rantala. The spotlight stage presented topics in biotechnology, space technology, smart city solutions, entrepreneurial teaching and outsourcing.

This year the head topic is "From zero to hero". We want to encourage people to become more entrepreneurial and innovative, give ideas on how to avoid common mistakes and create collaborations between entrepreneurs, startups, corporates and ecosystem organisations. This year the festival takes place over the course of three days with main day of sTARTUp Day 2017 on 8th of December in Ahhaa science centre in Tartu. The program will be divided between 4 stages, as well between seminars and workshops, demo and partner area, matchmaking and networking area and theme rooms.

See you at sTARTUp Day 2017!