Speech contest

If you had everyone's attention for 10 minutes, what would you say?

This year, we’re going to do something that no business festival has ever done: 

We’re going to set up a keynote speech competition to find three persons to give a keynote talk on the big stage. It's your chance to step out of your comfort zone, give the talk of your life and share your vision with 2500+ open-minded people from all around the world - including investors, marketers, innovators, early adopters and all the other like-minded people.

Topic: “From Zero to Hero” or another way around: share your story on becoming a Hero or tell us about becoming from Hero to Zero when you failed. Be honest, vulnerable, inspirational, and speak your mind.

How to participate?

Submit a short one-shot video (up to 60 sec) where you introduce your message, show your public speaking skills and let us know why you should be the one giving a talk on the stage of sTARTUp Day 2017. 

Then we'll upload all the videos on social media and let the public together with the jury to select the three winners. If you are one of them, we'll help you to perfect your pitch for the final show.

In addition to giving you 10 minutes on Spotlight stage, we will record your talk, upload it to YouTube and let it go viral. And we’ll promise you - at least for some years, you will get more invitations to speak at cool events that you could ever accept.

Deadline: 25th October 2017

Submit your 1-minute video here:

Email again:

Who can participate?

All the open-minded people from all around the world who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, share their ideas on the big stage and give a talk of their life (except sTARTUp Day team members and their family).

Winners will get free festival passes. Travelling and accommodation costs won’t be covered by sTARTUp Day.

Speeches should be in English. Slides can be used.

Video submission deadline: 25th October 2017. Winners will be announced on 5th November.