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Do you want to partner up with the largest business festival in the Baltics? And help to bring together startup and business community? Then we are the partner for you! Contact us and let’s start a partnership worth bragging about. 


1. Organiser, exhibitors
1. Organiser of the event is MTÜ Startupday
2. Exhibitors may be all legal entitles, whose products correspond to the theme of exhibition.

 2. Exhibition space
1. Orders for the exhibition space are treated in the order of their submission.
2. The organiser’s confirmation and invoice will be sent to all accepted exhibitors (except, when a special agreement has been made)
3.  Removal of the exhibits from the stand during the exhibition is prohibited.
4.  Exhibits have to remain inside of the exhibition space.
5.  MTÜ Startupday has the right to ask for the removal or remove exhibits which endanger the visitors or other exhibits, or which disturb visitor, exhibitors or organisers. 
6.  Exhibition area has to be ready before the event begins.

3. Terms of payment
1.  Fee for the reserved exhibition space (except, when a special agreement has been made) shall be transferred to MTÜ Startupday by the due date on the invoice presented by the organizer. The fee is non-repayable.

4. Responsibilities of the organisers and insurance
1.  Organizer is responsible for the general order in the halls and accepts no responsibility for exhibits, constructions, materials etc. The responsibility for damage which may occur to exhibition articles both during transport to and from exhibition area and during the period of the event, is the exhibitor’s.

5. Terms of partnership
1.  All the other terms concerning the partnership shall be negotiated in a format which can be reproduced in writing. 

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