Find out about the TOP 20 startups in Estonia!

(Applications are closed for sTARTUp Day 2016. See results below.)

About the Pitching Competition

The pitching competition will be an exciting finale to sTARTUp Day 2016. It’s an opportunity for Estonia’s top early-stage startups to pitch their idea and ‘prove their stuff’ in front of an international crowd of investors, media, and tech enthusiasts.

Having been selected by a jury of seasoned investors and mentors, these top startups will gain exposure to a much larger audience — this will help them to raise money and connect with people who can help grow their company. Additionally, startups get the chance to win the following prizes.  

Top 20 Startups 2016

Find out about the top 20 early stage startups in #Estonia2016. Top 4 will be pitching on sTARTUp Day. The 2016 batch was carefully selected by jury of investors. The list is displayed in alphabetical order.

Deekit Freemium whiteboard where users can draw, write and work with other content together, in real-time.
Nordic Automation Systems Industrial automation development company, specialising in sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring solutions.
SportID One stop shop for health and fitness services for companies but also for all of us.
Tebo Teachers’ network for sharing learning content like slides, worksheets, quizzes.
Autolevi Airbnb for cars in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.
Ampler Bikes Engineers the future of personal transport.
Capster Scientifically proven, health sustainable and an affordable solution to chronic nasal problems.
Dermtest A software platform service, connecting family doctors with dermatology clinics.
DreamApply International student recruitment and marketing management platform for universities.
Festivality Platform SaaS and full-service solution for events to adopt novel and smarter mobile technologies, gain new revenues and actionable analytics.
Greenhouse CI Continuous integration & delivery for mobile apps.
INZMO Enables you to get any personal insurance in seconds.
Leansite Simple application for construction management and team collaboration.
Palleter A fleet of nearby trucks ready to carry your freight.
RebelRoam Internet Service Provider for the global transportation and travel industries.
Shipitwise Platform for companies to outsource and automate their logistics departments.
SprayPrinter Handheld printer that works with spray paint.
Traffel Helps people find the best travel deals quickly.
RangeForce Simulates cyber battle to train IT professionals on cyber security.
Weps Chatbot that builds websites in an already familiar messenger-like interface.


Mentoring and Perks from Fortumo
The startup with the most interesting monetization model will get a one-year subscription to CrunchBase Pro to help the founding team find investors and customers. The founders will also be invited to a business lunch with Fortumo's Head of Sales Andrea Boetti, who will share his experience about closing deals with companies like Google, Spotify and Microsoft.

Become the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 representative for Estonia
The winner of the Top 20 Startups In Estonia pitching competition will become the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 representative for Estonia. The team will benefit from increased visibility through the SEUA blog and get access to the Awards Ceremony to be held in the European Commission and to a mentoring programme in Brussels (about European funds, training, visibility, lobbying, etc.) to develop their project making it more viable at European level.

Law Consulting (Value €1,250)

Top 4 teams will get €1,250 worth of consulting from Hedman Lift. Hedman Lift is a resource for startup enthusiasts and professionals alike for dealing with any legal issues you may encounter during your development phases.

Mentoring from EstBAN Members
Top 4 teams will get mentoring from jury members. Estonian Business Angels Network is an umbrella organization for business angels and business angel groups seeking investment opportunities in Estonia and its neighbouring regions with an aim to grow the quantity and quality of local seed stage investments.

Startup Day 2016 tickets
Top 4 teams will get sTARTUp Day 2016 tickets. Long have everyone criticized startups for burning investors` money but not being brilliant at earning money. Now it is eventually time to answer to the big question: How to Earn if there’s Nothing to Burn?

Funderbeam consulting and discounts
Free consulting to help you raise money. This can include legal, marketing, and pitching advice up to a value of €2,000. This increases your chance to open a syndicate, only if there are investors interested. You then get a discount of €500 on the Funderbeam management fee.


30 October - End of Application period
30 November - Get selected by the jury

9 December - Pitching on sTARTUp Day

For more information and if you want to participate please contact:

Maria Vous - head of Pitching Competition

+372 526 5475