How to earn if there's nothing to burn?

Long have everyone criticized startups for burning investors` money but not being brilliant at earning money. Now it is eventually time to answer to the BIG question: 
How to Earn if there’s Nothing to Burn? sTARTUp Day 2016 is a first-time business festival in Tartu, Estonia, where 40 + international and local experts from many different subject fields will try to answer that question.

Festival is open for EVERYONE who is interested in:
  • entrepreneurship and startups;
  • getting to know how to avoid making common mistakes starting a business;
  • getting to know how to increase success rate;
  • meeting with interesting people, networking with greatest minds and making new contacts or just wants to have fun enjoy the inspiring vibes at the biggest business festival ever held in Tartu! 

sTARTUp Day is expected to host more than 1,000 guests: startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, academicians, students and business enthusiasts!

  • You can listen to amazing SPEAKERS from many different subject fields: creative industry, computer-simulated reality, space-technology, sports industry, biotechnology, entrepreneual teaching, smart city solutions, outsourced R&D
  • Participate in workshops at our SWEDBANK SEMINAR AREA
  • Look around at our DEMO AREA to discover products and services that startups have come up with
  • Listen to the best student teams introduce their business ideas on IUT IDEALAB STAGEB stage
  • Visit JOB AREA to meet companies from different fields to find a perfect job or internship opportunities
  • Try out Virtual Reality Room
  • Network with the greatest minds at PIPEDRIVE NETWORKING AREA, who gather in Tartu for sTARTUp Day 2016

sTARTUp Day 2016 wouldn’t be possible without our main partners: University of Tartu, City of Tartu, Startup Estonia, sTARTUp Community and European Regional Development Fund. We would also like to thank our gold sponsor Swedbank, silver sponsor Pipedrive and bronze sponsors Mooncascade, A.Le.Coq, Fortumo, Hedman Partners.
Our supporting partners are: University of Tartu Idea Lab, Tartu Science Park, Tartu Business Advisory Services, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, Tartu Biotechnology Park, Edu Tegu, Buildit, Ole Rohkem., Contriber, EAS, BAFF, Estban, US Embassy, Põltsamaa Felix, Taevas Ogilvy, sTARTUp HUB, Kalev, Swedish Embassy and Dutch Embassy.

Why Tartu?

Startup community in Tartu has grown enormously! In 2016, dozens of new ventures raised money — and the city hosted more than 60 startup events, with more than 2,600 people from the tech industry getting involved.

What makes a city so attractive to people looking for a new home, and for startup companies looking for fresh ideas? I believe that people are the key because when you feel good and at ease somewhere, you will be innovative, industrious and happy. Tartu is just one of the tens of thousands of cities worldwide. So what exactly makes Tartu so attractive for investments and startups? I will give you five simple reasons. 

First. Tartu embodies wisdom. Here you will find one of the best universities in Europe and many top-level scientific institutions and research laboratories. Tartu is a universitas of science and innovation, a place where different fields of research provide mutual support and exchange useful ideas. In Tartu every company can find brilliant partners from the world of science. 

Second. Tartu boasts an excellent climate for business: the city is compact so all companies are situated close to each other and their staff quickly learn about new urban opportunities and offers. Tartu makes it easy to launch a small or large business solution because the city authorities are always prepared to think along with the entrepreneur and offer flexible options aimed at ensuring that good concepts and business ideas are rapidly implemented. 

Third. Tartu has served as the starting point for several global technological enterprises and developments. The city is home to plenty of new companies with promising ideas and a strong startup community. By the way, Tartu is the only city in the world that fits perfectly into the word sTARTUp. The favourable urban environment and the abundance of IT companies stimulate constructive competition and inspire businesses to conquer the world, burrow deep in the ground or soar high into space in search of new achievements. 

Fourth. The youthful atmosphere of Tartu creates the sensation of freedom and endless opportunities: plenty of diverse cultural events with all kinds of films, plays, dances, games, street art and cosy relaxation take place in Tartu. The spirit of Tartu is liberal and the city is invariably full of activity and excitement, whatever the season. 

Fifth. Tartu is a youthful city that has aged gracefully, retaining its many traditions. Things are being created and born here all the time. Tartu reaches across the globe and sets the business world ablaze. This city is green and peaceful, and it inspires good thoughts and facilitates their turning into good deeds.

sTARTUp Day 2016 is organized by University of Tartu, city government of Tartu and startup community - the key players of the startup ecosystem of Tartu. Collaboration between the startups and public organizations in Tartu is what really makes the event possible.