Tartu - an oasis of intellectual activity and rich culture in the South Estonian countryside!

Being the oldest city in Estonia, Tartu successfully combines modern infrastructure and facilities with a green and friendly environment: the city is very compact and easily accessible. A serene park with medieval ruins and a river running through the city give it a romantic allure. Part of its appeal is the way Tartu blends old and new. Walking through the city, one can literally touch its history, at the same time feeling a renewed energy and curiosity about what the future will bring. The balance between past and future is an essential part of the celebrated spirit of Tartu.

At every corner in Tartu, there are concert venues, exhibition halls, theatres, churches, museums and charming little cafes as well as various pubs and restaurants. An inseparable part of the city is its students, who comprise around a quarter of the population and generate a lot of fun and energy. There is a lively cultural scene with something for every taste. Exciting events and festivals take place all year round.

English, German and Russian are widely spoken. Many people also speak Finnish and other languages. High school education is available in English and Russian.

All the districts of Tartu have their own parks. There are many walking and health trails on the outskirts of the city and many indoor and outdoor facilities for participating in sports. Nature reserves offering opportunities for photographers and lakes perfect for a nice picnic are just a 15-minute drive from the city.

Tartu is easily accessible from Helsinki (by plane), Tallinn (buses every hour and trains every two hours) and from Riga (by bus). Public transportation is cheap and well-organized, but as the city is very compact and distances are seldom longer than 5km, many people tend to walk or use bikes.

Helpful tips:

Emergency medical assistance (Kiirabi – ambulance): 112
Police: 110 / +372 730 8810
Emergency Medicine Department, Puusepa 8: +372 731 8183
City Outpatient Clinic, Gildi 8: +372 744 1372
Town Hall Pharmacy (Raekoja apteek, open 24 hours)
Roadside service (Autoabi): 1880
Southern Estonian Information Service: +372 740 40 20
Information about Tartu City Government: +372 736 1101
Lost & found: www.tartu.ee/leiubyroo
Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Tartu Office, Tähe 106: +372 676 4548
Tartu post office, Riia 4: +372 730 6804
Banks: Swedbank, SEB, Sampo & Nordea

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